Don't Be A Sh*thead

Don't Be A Sh*thead


I'm not pointing fingers,

I'm not placing blame.

I just want you to know

That shitheads don't win.

If it feels like a No

Let it go, find a Yes.

I've known some 

On top of the world.

It may take time, 

But sh*heads don't win.

Channel passion and goodness,

Be the best for all.

The more power you have

The more good you can do.

Too many have fallen,

Too many weren't good.

If the core isn't happy

The sh*thead takes over.

Feed the core, make it soar.

Channel passion and art,

Fulfill yourself and they will want to fulfill you.

Don't force, don't demean,

Empower stronger, live your dream.

Remember, sh*theads don't win.

- Marla