Marla to Me

Marla to Me

To me she’s a savior,
A reason to proceed,

A hope, an inspiration,

A real life dream.

A way to be present,

To connect with the world.

A job you never want to leave,

A secret never shared.

She’s raw faith
That there’s a better way,

Proof that love is eternal,

That life is a gift.

At the beginning she saved me,

Kept my feet on the ground.

In the middle she challenged me,

Dared me to stop,

Posed condescending questions,

Begged me to walk away.

But now she’s ready,

So gorgeous and pure,

Every stroke a piece of the puzzle,

Every stitch a dream come true.

With numbers shaping course,

And believers by her side,

She craves freedom,

To paint her story,

Share relentless adventures,

And suck you in.